Brain Blend 30 x 125mg

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Brain Blend

30 x 250mg Vegan Capsules

Herbal Brain Supplement


125mg Amazonian Cubensis

125mg Lion’s Mane Mushrooms


Take 1 capsule per day. Refrain from taking for 2 days after every 5 day period.


Do not use if allergic to herbs or pregnant. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Always remember to stay hydrated.


  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Mood Regulation
  • Increased Physical Energy
  • Digestive Health
  • Nerve Regeneration


  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Reduces Depression
  • Eases Feelings of Addiction


WARNING: Contains Psilocybin Mushrooms. Keep away from children and pets. DIRECTIONS: Please wait 30 min to 1 hour to allow the effects to take place before taking another dose. If taking medication make sure there are no known negative interactions with psilocybin. Everybody reacts differently to mushrooms. Your trip can last anywhere between 2-6 hours, with the effects beginning to be felt 15 to 20 minutes after initial ingestion. Take a microdose once every three days. For most people, morning is the best time because the beneficial effects will last throughout the day and because nighttime microdosing could interfere with sleep.
MORE INFO: Psilocybin Mushrooms, also known as shrooms or magic mushrooms, these fungi contain psilocybin, which offers users mind-altering “trips”. Shrooms have a long history of being associated with spiritual experiences and self-discovery, senses of euphoria, connection, and take you to a higher state of consciousness.

  • Only available within Canada